Team DigiBlu

The Team


DigiBlu are specialists in reimagining business processes and implementing and operating Digital Workforces.  With global demand for automation skills outstripping supply, we are where it’s at, in the vanguard of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, proudly South African and taking our skills to the world.  The excitement is palpable as we partner with clients to scale RPA and innovate their business & operating models

 We are a vibrant fast-growing company where guys get heard recognised and rewarded. As specialists, we offer certified training, mentoring, career paths and unrivalled opportunities for individual and collective development


This photo was taken in August 2018. The team is now over fifty strong and growing. Come join a great South African success story, partnering strategically with great companies from around the world to venture with them into the Fourth Industrial Revolution


What we stand for:

  • Our clients come first. Their success is our success. What we are doing is amazing and we want to share it
  • We work as a team. We are a cohesive community with a strong sense of purpose and team-working culture. Cultural norms are reinforced through positive peer behaviour and influence in a high-trust environment rather than through rules, processes or hierarchy. Individuals may make mistakes and may reach out for help, but the team never fails
  • Our people are empowered to achieve positive client outcomes. We are performance-oriented by nature. We put people at the centre of what we do by engaging them, trusting them and empowering them to succeed. Our people take personal responsibility and do what it takes to achieve positive client outcomes
  • We have the means to do the job. We have the experience, skills, information and tools to follow-through. Leadership helps unblock impediments. This approach assumes high-levels of self-motivation and shared principles, rather than relying on process and control. Talent is developed through specialist Competencies and through opportunities on projects to broaden experience and take on new responsibilities. We provide mentoring and role mobility, whereby individuals move between roles and teams based on personal development goals
  • We thrive through thought leadership. We are a learning organisation. DigiBlu is recognised internationally as an authority in Intelligent Automation and individual and collective expertise is actively sought, developed and appreciated. In the world of Intelligent Automation, where the one eyed man is king, we think, decide, act and learn … again and again

We are recruiting Intelligent Automation Consultants and Engineers. Selected candidates are trained to work in the scrum master, analyst and developer roles on automation sprints and developers are trained and accredited on Blue Prism, Thoughtonomy and TrustPortal technologies

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