DigiBlu helps organisations leverage the power of Intelligent Automation to implement and operate Digital Workforces

Using software robotics and cognitive technologies, Intelligent Automation automates activities and orchestrates processes from the customer touchpoint to fulfilment. The Digital Workforce, positioned as a strategic enterprise asset, innovates offerings and transforms the operating model

Most offices are like production lines, with too much time spent in the mind numbing work of capturing, processing and entering data between disparate systems. A UK government report found that only 17% of the workforce considers itself engaged and that bored workers cost £44 billion a year in lost productivity. With challenger start-ups  automated by design, such inefficiency is unsustainable

Digital workers release human labour, which is redeployed to meet other demand or to higher value activities. Savings get invested into customer-facing roles and new jobs are created to run the Digital Workforce. Intelligent Automation increases the value of human qualities; new products, services and ways of working are innovated and productivity increases. The WEF predicts 133 million new jobs by 2022

The bots are ubiquitous. ISG reports that 92% of companies will adopt RPA by 2020. As organisations scale RPA they look beyond efficiency gains to the customer experience; cognitive technologies are added to open up the number of use cases, to engage customers, trigger bots and handle processes from end-to-end. Intelligent Automation (RPA + AI) is increasingly delivered over the cloud


Executives are asking, sometimes with trepidation, ‘What impact will automation have on our business?’

With competitor organisations already scaling their Digital Workforces,  the question should be,

‘How can we use robotic and cognitive technologies differently, to gain strategic advantage?’

Increase operational agility

by orchestrating the multi-purpose Digital Workforce for maximum productivity.  Bots scale and switch tasks immediately and can meet unpredicted demand without need of extra people.  Processes can be automated and deployed in weeks, without need of heavyweight IT support

Speed innovation  

by using Intelligent Automation to reimagine services and processes. Front-end digital innovations can be quickly integrated with back-end legacy environments without need of systems integration.  This gives the competitive edge back to incumbents

Improve the customer experience

through always-on, faster, better and cheaper service.  Add cognitive technologies for improved customer engagement and to trigger execution by bots. Using Intelligent Automation, DigiBlu has helped organisations increase their Net Promoter Scores from ‘Detractor’ to ‘Promoter’ levels

Ease the burden of regulatory change and compliance

by streamlining data integration, analytics and reporting; reducing time and resources required, while using current systems. Plus, bots improve control by providing consistent adherence to set rules – all tasks are tracked and logged to aid compliance evidencing and audit trails

Transform the operating model

by positioning the multi-purpose Digital Workforce as a strategic enterprise asset, creating new value-adding roles for human workers, organising operations around the virtual workers and managing human-to-robot interactions


Facing relentless pressure to reduce costs while improving the customer experience, incumbent businesses are driven to automate their business processes to reduce labour costs and increase productivity, while gaining strategic advantage through increased operational agility and speed of innovation